luxury handmade candles

light the wick of your desire

Aromatic and delightful

These room sprays definitely pack a punch.

Licentious Treats sells luxury candles with sultry names. We offer a vast assortment of scents sold year-round as well as seasonal scents in their appropriate seasons. We carry masculine scented candles as well as lovely wine and coffee candle.

Room Spray - About Last Nite
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Room Spray - OMW - On My Way Licentious Treats

Because everyone likes knowing someone is coming for them

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Wonderful !! Will buy this again. I have been shopping for a good strong ( clean ) scent bought candles and melts from 5 different companies. At the same time . 2 of them were advertised as Highly Scented. They had no scent. 1 was good about refund the other has been a problem,so I told them about Licentious Treats.They have such a wonderful scent and I could smell it in minutes through out the room. I can go on about how this all unfolded. But it's the candles & the company. All Candle sellers could learn much from Licentious treats. 😊 thank you .!!!!!

Lori murphy
Los Angeles, CA

This scent is intoxicating. One little candle can fill an entire room with fragrance. Delivery was okay, I will be ordering more. I’ve been looking on their website and plan to order from there.

Kimberly Melendez
Denver, Colorado

After having the candle I bought lit for less than 20 minutes, my entire space was filled with fragrance. I live in a very open loft with high ceilings, and it filled my entire place up!!
The rose and cedar scent definitely smells more on the rose’y side, but it is very pleasant.
I will be buying more of the scents from this company for their amazing product as well as their amazing message!

Asher Shafqat
Atlanta, Georgia

I love Licentious treats. Their candles are very fragrant and I've not clocked the hours but they do last a long time. I've ordered individuals or a couple at one time. Got crazy and tired of trying to decide between my favorite scents, just went with it and ordered four! The package presentation is nice enough to ship directly as a gift and be proud of sending it to family, friend or business associates. The fact I'm supporting a very worthy charity is icing on the cake.

Lorraine Melissa
Denver, Colorado

I highly recommend Licentious Treats to anyone looking for a candle with amazing smell. I tested their Room Spray it was wow!!!!!

Berlin, Germany