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These are one of my favorite vessels. Aptly named Passion Prints the passion in the creating. Each vessel is uniquely made, no two jars are the same. The color is deposited in between the glass making the jar capable of being re-used for any number of purposes - drinking glasses, vases,, etc.. They are THE definition of luxury. 


We have filled them with our Mindful Candle scents:

Focus - Tangerine Passion (just as the name describes)

Meditate - Oatmeal Milk and Honey (more calming than you think)

Peace - High Tide (an ocean scent)

Slumber - Lavender (not overpowering, more soothing)


Focus is poured into the fierce orange and red vessel. 

Meditate fills the black Passion print.

Peace has been filled into the green and turquoise jar.

Slumber is appropriately poured into the pink vessel.


These are an adult version of the 7oz tin candles we offer with stone enhancements. The 7oz candle is excellent for burning at a table or in a bathroom. The larger 15oz candle is capable of filling a bedroom or open space with these amazing scents!

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